New Dashboard User Roles

Jul 18, 2016


At JW Player we love getting feedback from our users.  For those of you who use the JW Player dashboard frequently, we’ve been hearing that you would like to see additional types of user roles. Starting today, in addition to Admins and Managers, we now offer the ability to create Read-Only and Content Editor users within the dashboard, for greater control over access to key features such as video management and advertising settings.

Here’s a summary of all of the different user types and a description of what they mean:

Admin: Access to everything in the dashboard with no restrictions.

Manager: Restricted from Billing, Property-level settings, or User management – all under the Account menu.

[new!] Content Editor: A subset of Manager permissions.  Additionally restricted from Player Advertising settings (under Players) and Advertising Schedules (under Advertising).  Also restricted from viewing self-hosted player or SDK license keys and downloads from the dashboard.

[new!] Read-Only: Like a manager user, restricted from certain Account settings, but with read-only access to the rest of the dashboard including videos, playlists, feeds, players, and advertising settings.  And like a Content Editor, Read-Only users can not view license keys or download player or SDK files.

For more information on JW Player user roles and permission management, see our helpful support article here.

Keep in mind, you can have an unlimited number of dashboard users, so make sure the key individuals in your organization have their own unique logins to the dashboard.  This way, if anyone leaves or changes jobs, dashboard Admin users can delete or modify other users’ permissions as needed!

So – who in your organization can you now grant access to the dashboard with these new roles?