Introducing our newest JW Player Analytics dashboard feature: “Segmentation”!

Sep 14, 2016


JW Player’s Analytics dashboard is focused on helping online video publishers track key, top-level video metrics in real-time.  Our goal is to empower users to make quick decisions to drive audience growth and viewer engagement.

In order to empower our publishers, we needed a way to give them more control over analysis.  Instead of only pre-defined dashboard widgets, users can define their own queries against historical data and see instant results.  Our easy-to-use interface gives non-technical users the answer to key questions about their audience and content.

We’ve also added several key dimensions to the Publisher Analytics dataset. Here is the full list of dimensions available:





[NEW] Feed – Set up a trending video playlist, then measure viewer lift

[NEW] Player – Track which player from your library is performing best

[NEW] SDK Platform – Track the performance of your JW Player-powered native apps

Here are some questions you can answer today using this new tool:

How does my trending playlist impact overall time watched?

How does increasing the size of my video player impact complete rate?

How have the number of plays on Desktop vs Mobile changed over time?

What countries are adopting my new iOS app?

Now it’s easy to discover actionable analytics insights with JW Player Segmentation. Click here to start learning from your data!