Extend Your Insight With JW Player’s New Analytics Endpoint

Aug 25, 2017



JW Player has recently released a brand new Analytics endpoint which allows users to access their Video and Advertising data programmatically!

JW Player users are now able to pull JW Player data into their own application, data warehouse, or analytics tools like Looker, Domo, or Tableau.  JW data can be plugged into these tools without users having to implement their own frontend tracking & data processing engine. This is extremely useful for users that are managing multiple analytics platforms in addition to JW Player Analytics, but do not have time to visit each dashboard to pull reports and track individual metrics separately.

Additionally, this API opens up new functionality previously unavailable via the Dashboard:

Group metrics by more than one dimension

View more than 50 rows at once

Roll up metrics for each individual site for account-level reporting

After spending a few months in private Beta, the Analytics endpoint is now available to all JW Player users, and functionality will be based on product edition.

For more details on how to start using the Analytics API, and what metrics, dimensions, and features are supported, please visit the developer guide.

If you’re interested interested creating an Enterprise JW Player account to get all the top platform features, please contact us.