The Playback

Oct 31, 2017



‘The tech is good enough’: Why Amazon’s DSP is becoming a rival to Google (DigiDay)

“Amazon’s DSP is gaining traction because it pitches agencies a self-service option, low fees and most importantly, unique commerce and purchase data that advertisers crave.”


At Long Last, Nielsen Will Publicly Share Ratings for Netflix Shows (AdWeek)

“Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings will provide clients the same ratings and demo data for Netflix’s original shows, movies and acquired content that they receive for linear TV programs, broken out both by season and by episode.”


How Reuters is helping one-time newspapers transform themselves into broadcasters (The Drum)

“The once disparate news media will come close to morphing into a single competitor set next week when newspaper publishers gain access to an unprecedented supply of live video streams, allowing them to screen multiple channels of moving pictures in direct competition with television.”

LinkedIn is finally selling autoplay video ads (Recode)

“The ads will look like other LinkedIn videos that users can watch in their feed, and will autoplay without sound.”

Google Makes TV Ad Buys Smarter — Programmatically (Mediapost)

“The TV Made Smarter platform — integrated into DoubleClick for Publishers — now powers dynamic ad insertions with help from programmatic and automation.”

Asia Pacific AVOD to top North America by 2021 (RapidTVNews)

“2021 is believed to be a tipping point for the industry, when the Asia Pacific is set to overtake North America as the leading ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) region.”