How Fast Is Your Mobile Video Site?

Jan 30, 2018


It could determine your Google search ranking

Starting this July, Google will use page speeds to rank mobile websites in search results.

What does this Google “Speed Update” mean for video publishers? If you want more viewers to discover your site, make sure your page loads quickly with a smooth and seamless mobile video experience.

Google has been feeling the need for speed for some time. It’s already used page speeds to determine desktop search rankings. The latest extension to mobile will primarily affect the slowest pages on the web. Many of them are saddled with unnecessary plug-ins and scripts. Specific to video, long buffer times and clunky ad integrations make sites sluggish as well.

Fortunately, supporting a lightning-fast video experience is what JW Player does best. Last fall, we released JW8, our most lightweight player yet. It speeds up pages by reducing video load times up to 30%, making fewer server requests, and using a 50% smaller embed script.

A faster page doesn’t just prevent a drop in search rankings. It also leads to greater monetization opportunities and keeps users on your page longer.  

Some of our best publishers are already off to the races. According to Digiday, these JW Player clients achieved top marks in Google’s speed test:


Business Insider




International Business Times





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