The Playback

Apr 9, 2018


Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player

Publishers that mastered fleeting news feed video views try to master appointment viewing (DigiDay) Now, publishers have adjusted their strategies, with the goal less a fleeting impression in the feed but rather getting viewers to keep coming back.


As ads.txt adoption grows, so too does enforcement (DigiDay) While compiling a list of all the companies a publisher had authorized to programmatically sell ads on its site was a straightforward undertaking — with Google and Amazon aiding publishers’ efforts — many publishers initially dragged their heels. That led ad buyers and DSPs to try to force their hands. But there was a concern that too much enforcement would lead to too little available inventory. That concern has abated.

How subscription publishers are trying to make paying for content a habit for young people (DigiDay) Subscription publishers are targeting people between 18 and 24 years old, adapting content, tone, marketing and accessibility of their products to that audience to foster the habit of subscribing.


AV1 Is Finally Here, but Intellectual Property Questions Remain (StreamingMedia) Today the Alliance for Open Media froze the AV1 bitstream and released an unoptimized software encoder and decoder; AV1 decode should arrive in several browsers and some content from member companies over the next few months, with hardware implementations in about a year.


Open Source Community Widely Adopts SRT Video Streaming Protocol with VLC, GStreamer and Wireshark Support (StreamingMedia) We asked survey respondents to rank the top 20 technologies from a list of more than 30. The following technologies rose to the top of overall responses when judged in terms of their impact on the streaming media industry.


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